Amazing volunteer teams: Wilton Estate Tenants Association

Volunteers’ Week is the national occasion to recognise recruit and reward volunteers. It is an opportunity to say thank you to everyone who gives up their time, their energy and their creativity to make the community a better place. VCH wants to take this chance to say thank you to some of the amazing volunteers who keep Hackney running.

Today we’re looking at amazing volunteer teams. Very few people do their volunteering alone, and often much more is achieved when working together.

Wilton Estate Tenants Association would like to recognise three volunteer partnerships that have made a real difference in their community.

Takashi Bailey and Theo Williams

Two young volunteers who set up a homework and study buddy club on the estate for the local young people, including serious homework and fun learning activities and taking the juniors to museums and adventure playgrounds trips. Theo designed the youth club logo and ran a creative arts project and mentors and tutors young people. (More info in this post.)


Takashi giving a lesson to Anna in homework club

Saito Runge and Renford Bailey

Developed creative music workshops for the local young people and for the provision of hands on music sessions and for live public performance and music production. They have volunteered their time for several years providing tuition in guitar, kit drums, percussion, bass, keyboards. This has been done with a little funding and a lot of dedication and energy.

Renford and Saito play percussion

Renford and Saito at the Hackney Community Engagement Board

Takashi Bailey and Ritchie Lloyd

Developed a sports programme and sports club on the estate and running programmes from the community hall in healthy lifestyles, sports quiz, ball and racquet skills, football, basketball, cricket, volleyball, badminton, light keep fit and circuit training. They have done this with hardly any funding for several years and have developed sports juniors and are now working towards sports seniors and family sports.


Volunteers providing entertainment at the Funday

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