Role of the Week – MMRC Women Coaches

Mini Mermaid Running Club UK aims to encourage girls between seven and 11 years to lead a healthier life through activity. The club consists of ten girls and two coaches, miniQuoteit meets twice a week for six weeks at the end of which the children compete in a local 5K.

Coaches follow a programme of group discussion and activity which is logged in a journal. This focuses on building the children’s self-confidence, helping them to discover that minimermaidno matter how ‘fast’ they are has a positive impact on their health.

MMRC are in the process of recruiting schools and will match volunteers with their closest school. All resources and equipment will be provided, along with comprehensive online training, DBS check and safeguarding training.

Any experience with working with children would be beneficial but not essential. An interest in exercise is desirable but again not essential. This is a fantastic project to work with young people, or anyone wishing to work in the youth sector and to help develop the project throughout the London area.

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