Step Up – Time to Talk Day

Step Up  celebrated Time to Talk  Day last week by holding the first, and hopefully not the last, Step Up Bake Off.

mentalHealthTime to Talk Day encourages people to talk openly about mental health and break down the stigma around it. Simple conversations with a non-judgemental ear can have a hugely positive impact on someone’s life. At Step Up we see this all the time and last Thursday was no different.

The anticipation for the bake off had been rising steadily over the last month. Recipes were scattered between VCH staff like sprinkles, eventually six cakes were entered into the competition, all to a (relatively) high standard. Attendees sampled a slice of each cake, ignoring the underhand tactics of the staff to sway votes in their favour, before casting their vote!

Farzana, Project Officer, was crowned the 2017 Step Up Bake Off champion, her chocolate cake tickled everyone’s tastebuds, much to the despair of Chris.

Over the coming months Step Up will be holding similar events. Check the VCH website for news, and we hope to see you there.

To find out more about Step Up and to get involved, please click here.


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