Time Well Spent 2023 – Our top 7 takeaways

Top 7 practical takeaways from NCVO’s Time Well Spent report.

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The National Council for Voluntary Organisations has just published their Volunteering among the Global Majority Report, which looks at the motivations and experiences of volunteers from the global majority.

Here are 7 practical takeaways we’ve put together to help you support more volunteers from the global majority. 

*Note: The term ‘global majority’ is used to refer to all ethnic groups except white British and white minorities. Specifically, people from black, Asian, mixed and other (including Chinese, Arab, other Asian, and indigenous peoples) who have been previously racialised as ‘ethnic” minorities. If you want to find out more about this term and why it was introduced, click here.

  1. Accessibility
    Make sure your entry process is quick and easy. There’s nothing more off-putting than having to fill out a lengthy form, upload it numerous times and then wait weeks for a response!  
  2. Timing
    Be flexible. People need to fit volunteering in around other commitments, and recognising that your volunteers have other things going on is important.
  3. Type of role
    Work experience/career related volunteering opportunities are more likely to appeal to global majority volunteers. So if you can offer these, that can help more people support your organisation.
  4. Inclusive roles
    Make it clear when family and friends are welcome to join in – NVCO’s research shows that these kinds of opportunities are especially welcomed by certain groups.
  5. Reasonable expectations
    As much as possible, avoid overwhelming your volunteers or expecting too much from them.
  6. Expenses
    Actively offer expenses, and make sure the process to claim expenses is simple.
  7. Recognition
    Listen to and act on volunteer feedback – even small things can encourage someone to keep coming back to your organisation and volunteer.

For more guidance on how to recruit and retain volunteers, head to our page for organisations.

You can also read the full report here.

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