Corporate Volunteering

Our team can help you make a real difference to communities across Hackney and City of London. We’ll link you up with local opportunities, all while boosting team spirit and supporting community groups and non-profits.

Our team has connections with hundreds of local community groups and non-profit organisations, many of which rely on volunteers to help them do their work.

About the Service

We can arrange tailored days for you and your team – from cooking for people in need, sorting clothing and food donations, conservation at landmark sites, to sprucing up community spaces. No generic lists here – at VCH, our team crafts each experience to fit your needs.

We’ll dedicate time and resources to tailor your day, handling everything from research and booking to ensuring your day goes smoothly. Our fee covers all aspects, including any costs to the organisation you volunteer with.

How To Get Involved

Fill in our form to let us know what you’re after. We will review it and get back to you as soon as we can.

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Let us know what you are interested in, and we can research and book your experience, making sure it all runs smoothly and you have a great time.
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It was really rewarding to work on something with a clear start and end point – at the end of the day we could reflect on what we'd achieved and feel really proud

Volunteer from Upp Ltd. – at Cody Dock

Want To Know More?

Our friendly brokerage team is on hand to help you find a volunteering activity for your group. If you have any questions, get in touch with Jane, our Head of Volunteering.

Jane Tyler

Head of Volunteering